Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fairview Range Billing Service limited geographically on who they can service?

With technology, there are no boundaries. We are based in Hibbing, MN but service clients all over Minnesota, as well as North and South Dakota.

Why should I outsource my billing?

Outsourcing your billing to a professional medical billing company will allow your office and medical staff to focus on patient care and customer service. It will also help to eliminate non productive office hours and reduce employee expenses as well as labor costs. By allowing a professional medical billing company to provide you billing services, you can increase your percentage of paid claims, receive maximum reimbursement, reduce write-offs, predict and control billing costs and stay up to date with continuously changing government regulations (HIPAA). Bottom line, it is more cost effective and increases your revenue.

Can I choose to use some of your services but not all of them?

Fairview Range Billing Service customizes competitive service packages to meet the needs of our customers and yours.

What is the cost for your services?

Fairview Range Billing Service customizes our competitive services to meet the needs of our customers and yours. We charge our clients on a net percentage basis based on the amount of money we collect for you.

As a client, what reports would I receive and how often?

Fairview Range Billing Service provides all clients with a monthly report packet which includes multiple month-to-date/year-to-date information. Report requirements are determined by client as to what they require. If client has system access the reports are available at all times.

How does our information get to Fairview Range Billing Service?

Clients can choose to email electronic files, fax or mail us their charge tickets daily or weekly.

Does Fairview Range Billing Service handle my checks and cash directly?

If you would likes us to with the exception of Medicare. Client funds will be deposited in Fairview Range Billing Service\'s account on a daily basis. Within seven business days of month end "close", Fairview Range Billing Service will pay Client all monies collected for open accounts during the month minus any and all Fairview Range Billing Service monthly fees and charges. Medicare funds received by Fairview Range Billing Service will be turned over directly to the Client on a routine basis.

Are my clients information kept confidential, private and secure?

Absolutely. Fairview Range Billing Service ensures all data is secure well beyond HIPAA requirements. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your patients’ data is safe and secure.

How do we get started and how long does it take to transition over?

Call us today for a free phone consultation. Fairview Range Billing Service is the solution to your immediate and long-term medical billing challenges. We will guide and oversee the entire transition process from start to finish.